Cremation Services in Dale City, VA

What you need to know about a Dale City Cremation

  • It costs thousands less than a burial.
  • Pre-planning saves money & gives you control.
  • It’s environmentally friendly.
  • Pre-planning removes burden from family.
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Cremation Services in Dale City, VA

Dale City Cremation Planning If you are thinking about planning a Dale City cremation, consider Virginia’s oldest cremation society, the Cremation Society of Virginia. Our office in Chantilly is dedicated to providing high quality services to our Dale City members. A Dale City cremation costs thousands less than a traditional burial while still allowing for a respected service and a low environmental impact. Pre-planning your Dale City cremation gives you the control over your final affairs and eases the burden on your loved ones when the time comes to enact your plan. Our expert counselors are eager to get in touch with you and tell you more about Dale City cremations. Just fill out the form on the right for more information.

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Cremation Preplanning

Affordable Prepaid Cremation A traditional burial in Dale City can cost a fortune, adding to the grief of surviving family members. A Dale City cremation is much less expensive, and if pre-planned the cremation will be paid for by the time you need it, costing your loved ones nothing. Talk to one of our Dale City counselors for more information about how you can save on your Dale City cremation.

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Contact Us Now if a Loved One Has Passed Away

We at the Cremation Society of Virginia in Dale City offer our heartfelt sympathy for your loss.

For the immediate care required after a loved one has passed away, please call us at 888-967-9194. Our expert staff is ready to help you 24 hours a day.

Even if your loved one never planned their Dale City cremation, the Cremation Society of Virginia can help you fulfill your loved one’s wish for a Dale City cremation. Our staff is here to support you and help you through this difficult time. We handle the complexities of the cremation process so you can focus on other important matters.

We take care of:

  • The death certificate
  • The cremation permit
  • Forming a Dale City cremation package that meets your needs and your budget
  • Transporting your loved one in our care to and from the cremation facility
  • Helping to arrange post-cremation burial or scattering services

By calling the phone number listed above, our professional and caring Dale City staff can walk you through the cremation process and inform you about our various options for an immediate need Dale City cremation.

If you call us, begin to collect information about your loved one. The Cremation Society of Virginia and other officials will need this information to complete certain documents so your loved one can be legally cremated. We will need the following:

  • Birth date and birthplace
  • Social Security number
  • Father’s name and state of birth
  • Mother’s maiden name and state of birth
  • A copy of their driver’s license
  • Form DD-214 (if your loved one was a veteran)

Once again we are sincerely sorry for your loss. We understand that nothing can heal the hole left by your loved one’s passing, but we would be honored to take your loved one into our care to help.

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Veterans Information

The Cremation Society of Virginia is proud to service our Dale City veterans. We have designed a special Dale City veteran’s cremation package reserved for exclusively for those who have served our country. Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Filling out paperwork to ensure you receive all the honors you deserve
  • Informing you about government benefits that may help pay for your Dale City cremation
  • Interring ashes in a nearby National Cemetery

By filling out the form on the right, you can get in touch with an experienced Dale City counselor who can tell you more about our options for Dale City veterans’ cremations. The counselor can also help you find government benefits that you may use to save even more on your Dale City veteran’s cremation.

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