Prepaid Cremation Saves Money and Assures Peace of Mind

The complexities of arranging a cremation for a loved one can catch families by surprise at the time of need, along with cremation costs. Fortunately, you can relieve your family of this emotional and financial burden by planning and prepaying for cremation for yourself or a loved one ahead of time. Our straightforward guide can help you decide which prepaid cremation services are best for you.

Why should I prepay for cremation?

By planning ahead, you can spare your family and friends the difficult experience of simultaneously coping with a loss and attending to the details of a cremation and service. Instead, you can guarantee they’ll be able to focus on celebrating the life of their loved one and starting to heal from their loss.

Prepayment also puts you in charge, giving you control over the details. You decide on the kind of arrangements that best suit your budget and wishes.

Prepaying for a cremation also saves money. Although a cremation costs less than a traditional funeral, as with any other service or product, the price goes up a little every year. Prepaying means that the price will be locked in and ensures there will be no surprise extra costs later.

Prepayment allows you to pay in installments. Funeral homes and crematories usually require payment at the time services are needed. They rarely offer payment plans. But for those who plan ahead, most facilities will offer prepayment plans.

What are my options for prepaid cremation?

There are a wide range of options available for a prepaid cremation, ranging from very basic to elaborate. The more complex the service, the more money and time you can save with advance cremation planning and prepaying.

Simple cremations that don’t include a service — known as direct cremations are the most cost-effective choice. Direct cremations cover just the necessities, and include transport of the loved one, a cremation casket, paperwork, and the cremation itself.

Cremations may also be paid for alongside a religious or non-religious service, such as a memorial service, a celebration of life, or a traditional funeral.

Celebrations of life are quite popular in part because they allow for more personalization. Preplanning a celebration of life means you can design an event that perfectly matches your vision. Celebrations of life can also take place after the cremation, which means less pressure on the schedules of those who would like to attend.

Traditional funerals can come with many decisions and costs, since they often require specialist services like embalming, hair and makeup services, a casket and a viewing at the funeral home. They can also be more difficult to schedule, since in most cases funerals must take place before the cremation.

Which parts of the cremation and service can be prepaid?

You may prepay for nearly every element of a cremation and service. And while most families privately arrange for the scattering of ashes, you can also opt to prepay for the burial of ashes, or for their placement in a niche or mausoleum. A wide range of urns as well as more specialist options — like cremation jewelry or memorials at sea — can also be prepaid.

How do I prepay for a cremation?

CSV staff will be happy to make an appointment with you to walk you through the options, the costs and any payment plans we offer, guiding you on finding the plan that works best for you and your budget.

A different and less customizable prepayment method is the purchase of cremation insurance. This is offered by companies that aren’t directly associated with funeral homes. Instead, they work with third-party companies when the time comes to arrange the cremation. This insurance can typically be purchased through a lump sum, a payment plan or regular monthly payments, depending on your needs.

Cremation insurance usually offers limited options, comparable to the options available with a simple or direct cremation. However, purchasing insurance guarantees services even if you move or your chosen funeral home goes out of business.

Whatever you choose, CSV is here to help.

Since 1996, the experienced, compassionate staff of Cremation Society of Virginia has provided dignified, affordable direct cremation services at locations across the state. For more information on preplanning cremation services, please fill out the form on this page or call 888-967-9194.

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