Personalized Services

No two lives are the same. Special places, things, and people we love make each of our lives rich and unique. Cremation allows families additional flexibility in organizing and scheduling a final tribute that will provide a meaningful and lasting expression of a special life.

The Need to Gather

Traditionally, funerals have been held in a place of worship or funeral chapel. Today many families are choosing to hold their services in places that have special meaning to them and their loved ones. Maybe it’s a favorite fishing hole, the place where you first met, a special restaurant or the church where your grandparents married. Bringing loved ones together to remember someone in a place that was especially meaningful provides more than a setting for a service—it provides loved ones with an emotional backdrop to celebrate the things that made that life unique.

Funerals and Memorials

A funeral or memorial provides more than just an opportunity for loved ones to honor a life; it also provides them with the chance to be actively involved in celebrating that life. No matter how or where you choose to remember or be remembered, think about those people who have made a difference in your life or the life of your loved one—people who have inspired, encouraged, and loved them.

Paying Tribute to a Lost Loved One

There are many ways to pay tribute to loved ones. While cemeteries are a more traditional option, cremation allows for more flexibility for final resting places. Cremation provides families many unique opportunities to personalize a tribute to their loved one. Some families choose to scatter ashes in a significant location for the individual, while others choose to create a special keepsake that provides a lasting memento for family members. The choice is entirely up to the wishes of the individual and their loved ones.

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